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IBPS Clerical 15 Practice Sets (Code:BPST-201-356)

  • Covers Latest Bank Clearical Job (Public Sector Banks/Private Sector Banks) Test Patterns.
  • Full Length Papers with complete explanations.
  • Covers all areas of Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning & English Language.
  • Test Patterns of  all Banks  like – SBI, IBPS Based, IDBI, PNB, BOB etc are covered(memory based).
  • Useful for other competitive exams, Govt Job tests, Software Job tests, etc
Rs. 399

IBPS Clerical 15 Practice Sets (Code:BPST-201-356)

IBPS Clerical 15 Pratice Sets (Code:BPST-201-356) is useful for Bank Clerical Job seekers who are aiming job in banks like – SBI, IBPS Based, IDBI, PNB, BOB etc. This ebook covers all the areas of Quantitative aptitude, Reasoning & English language. Full length Solved Test papers as per the Bank Clerical exam patterns are available.

  • Fully solved questions with detailed step-by-step solutions.
  • 15 Full Length Practice Papers help to check the complete proficiency.
  • Bank Clerical Practice Sets will make the Freshers/Job seekers completely understand the pattern as well as different concepts.
  • Clear indication of the types of questions along with proper guidelines, to solve them.
  • Clerical Practice Papers has been covered with different difficulty levels.

Topics/Chapters covered in this e-Book

IBPS Bank Clerical Papers

  • IBPS Clerical Paper#1
  • IBPS Clerical Paper#2
  • IBPS Clerical Paper#3
  • IBPS Clerical Paper#4
  • IBPS Clerical Paper#5
  • IBPS Clerical Paper#6
  • IBPS Clerical Paper#7
  • IBPS Clerical Paper#8
  • IBPS Clerical Paper#9
  • IBPS Clerical Paper#10
  • IBPS Clerical Paper#11
  • IBPS Clerical Paper#12
  • IBPS Clerical Paper#13
  • IBPS Clerical Paper#14
  • IBPS Clerical Paper#15